Most of our clients would agree that attendee acquisition continues to be a tremendous challenge.  We will support  your marketing department and create the best combination of all tactics so that you reach your attendee number and revenue goal.

Our offerings include:

      • Creating marketing schedule
      • Crafting your messaging
      • Combination of telemarketing and personal emails to your alumni and other lists*
      • Texting and faxing (believe it or not, there are many industries that still use faxes!)
      • Customizing email templates
      • Sending out all emails to targeted lists
      • List research and acquisition
      • Telemarketing to your alumni and other lists*
      • Partnerships and barters with relevant associations and media outlets
      • Show guides – online and print as well as mobile
      • Whatever it takes to get registrations!


Telemarketing is a large part of our business. We do high level, personalized telemarketing combined with personal emails to alumni and other lists. Our clients trust us to communicate their event’s highlights and to push prospects to register! . The average executive gets over 140 emails per day. Do you know if your target person will read your email?
A phone call, from a pleasant person giving your client information they will likely find beneficial, becomes a welcome distraction. This “real” person will assist your clients in making their decisions on attending a conference, renewing their membership in an association, exhibiting or attending an Expo or registering for a webinar,. More importantly, Kentwood’s telemarketers communicate with your clients so well, they hear about your client’s concerns. These important concerns may have never been discovered without that personal phone conversation! Not only does this allow you to address and resolve the issue; it just might save your client or gain you a new one!
Every phone call is then followed up by a personal email to the prospect containing the information they have requested or the links they need to register. This is a great way to confirm that the information was received. Now you can be sure your target person will read your email!

“Kentwood Partners provides more than just a telemarketing service; they provide a fully integrated follow-through marketing campaign. We use them for all of our conferences and I am always amazed at the results we get. It’s a truly personalized conversation with each and every person they reach.”

Abbegayle Morrow, Senior Marketing Director
Vendome Group

Exhibitor/Sponsor Marketing

For many events, sponsorships provide a large percentage of the revenue. Having a cohesive, well thought out sponsorship program is a must to succeed.

Our offerings include:

        • Creating sponsor marketing schedule that includes email blasts, sell sheets, etc.
        • Crafting the sponsorship message
        • Formulating a multi-tiered sponsorship program – with pricing that appeals to all levels of sponsors
        • Consulting with the sales team
        • Sales training
        • Inside Sales

ABM Conference – telemarketing and sponsorship sales “During my tenure as VP of Business Development at ABM, I worked with Christina and her team on sponsorship sales and telemarketing to promote our events and build attendance. In addition to helping us increase attendance and awareness, Christina and her team provided feedback from their calls with ABM members. This feedback proved to invaluable as it helped us with positioning future programs. On top of all this, Christina and her team were always professional, responsive and flexible – great to work with. And the results were outstanding.”
Claudia Flowers, Chief Operating Officer
CEW, the association for the cosmetic industry

Here are some examples of programs we have worked on:
•    Vendome – telemarketing for Healthcare Design, Environments for Aging, and others
•    BAA – telemarketing for their Annual Conference, awards, and their Law Conference
•    Membership and event telemarketing for ATD
•    All marketing for the MEET events
•    All marketing for Eversource’s NEEECE program
•    AIIM Conference – telemarketing

Let’s talk about the best way to reach your customer.
Kentwood Partners creates a customized program that will get you the results you are looking for; more registrations, more membership renewals, more clients! Whatever your goal is, Kentwood will create a unique program to not only be sure your customers are contacted, but to be sure they take action!