Membership Renewals & Recruitment for Associations

Use telemarketing as a quick and easy follow-up to your email, as well as a last line of contact.

Grow Your Member Base. Drive Member Engagement. Boost Member Retention and Renewals.

Email marketing is fine. But overloaded inboxes and ever-stricter spam filters continue to chip away at conversion rates. Kentwood Partners is here to help you overcome these challenges with high-touch telemarketing campaigns designed to cut though the email marketing clutter, strengthen your relationship with members, and substantially improve the performance of your membership marketing programs.

  • Searching for new members? We’ll build a laser-targeted prospect list and do the telephone and email outreach needed to get new members across the finish line.
  • Looking to improve your renewal rates? Let our experienced membership sales pros give them a call and keep them on board.
  • Interested in bringing your expired members back? We’ll help you re-engage your lapsed members and get them back in the fold.

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