Event Telemarketing

Use telemarketing as a quick and easy follow-up to your email, as well as a last line of contact.

Need to Boost Last Minute Event Attendance?

You’ve spent months planning your event and have used all of the traditional methods to get your target audience or clients to RSVP or register early for an event, but your attendance numbers are still too low. You can keep doing what you have been doing – OR you can try something new that is proven to work.

When your event is fast approaching, the best thing you can do is event telemarketing to make follow-up phone calls to increase your attendance numbers before you are up against your registration deadline. Calling your prospective attendees and simply asking them if they are planning on attending your event makes it easy for them to ask questions and confirm their intent to attend. It’s an excellent opportunity to highlight your agenda and motivate your prospects to register. When you have hundreds or even thousands of prospective attendees, it isn’t practical to make these calls yourself. The good news? You have options.

Kentwood Partners does high level, personalized event telemarketing, combined with personal emails, and text messaging to your alumni and other targeted lists. Our methods are proven to boost event attendance and our clients trust us to communicate their event’s highlights, create a sense of urgency, and to push prospects to register – NOW.

Our event telemarketing campaigns are perfect for:

  • Attendee Marketing
  • Association Memberships
  • Business Conferences
  • Event Registration
  • Seminars
  • Tradeshows

Clients and Projects

Through Kentwood Partners, I have worked with Christina on a variety of projects over the past several years. Whether it's consulting on new event ideas, audience acquisition for new markets, or telemarketing to past attendees, Christina and her team always provide professional communication, fresh ideas, and overall excellent results. I would highly recommend Kentwood Partners!
Charlene SoucyMarketing Events Director, Questex Media Group
I have worked with Christina to market membership and conferences for 3+ years across two organizations. She is incredibly professional, personable, and accommodating. Christina and her team get great results! I can't recommend enough getting in touch with her—she will solve your problems!
Amanda RiordanVice President of Member Services, American Ambulance Association

Want More Attendees?

Learn 7 Proven Strategies for Increasing Last-Minute Event Attendance.

Why Use Event Telemarketing?

The average executive gets over 140 emails per day. Do you know if your prospect will read your email? Will the email even get through their spam filter? The formula for a successful email campaign can be tricky, and combining emails with warm telephone conversation has a much higher rate of conversion than either method alone.

A phone call from a pleasant person giving your client information can become a welcomed distraction. With a simple phone call, we can express multiple value propositions to enhance your promotional efforts with the art of human interaction. We can help your client make a decision on attending a conference by expressing how it will benefit them and by outlining what they will take away from the event. Kentwood’s telemarketers will communicate effectively with your clients and engage active listening skills in order directly address any concerns your clients have and provide you with valuable feedback, which you can consider for future events. These important concerns may have never been discovered without a personal phone conversation.

Every phone call is followed up by a personal email to the prospect containing the information they have requested or the links they need to register. This is a great way to confirm that the information was received and to be sure your prospect will read your email! Additionally, Kentwood Partners offers text messaging services which can include links or phone numbers for event registration.

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